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Our History

Forteza Caribbean Chocolate is the fine chocolate line of Cortés Hermanos, a Caribbean family owned and run chocolate company established in 1929. Launched with the goal of partnering with farmers in Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic to establish and develop the local cacao industries, Forteza has become a unique farm-to-bar fine chocolate experience like no other. With the use of vintage equipment and a craftsman's approach to process these fine beans, comes an exceptionally smooth textured chocolate which exposes the particular aromas of each cacao origin to their fullest. 

Our Mission

Our goal is to promote Caribbean cacao and agriculture by creating the best possible chocolate products with fresh local ingredients. We work to establish and continue developing the cacao industry in the Caribbean and position it as some of the best in the world. By forming strong bonds with our suppliers in Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic, we celebrate, elevate and project our Caribbean culture to the world!

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